Four Songs

by Auspice

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released July 10, 2016

Written by Auspice.
Engineered/Produced by Austin Blaine at Stray Thoughts Recordings.
Mastered by Paul Lipscomb at DZi LLC
Artwork by Dakota Reed.



all rights reserved


Auspice Atlanta, Georgia

Music from Atlanta.

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Track Name: Left Alone
I won't tell you that I hate you
Just to make you feel better
Cause we both know that sticks and stones
Are what always held us together
So before I leave, I think you should know that
You were the best mistake I ever made.

I've decided not to waste my time
With saying sorry to you.
Cause we both know how that shit would go
It would probably end up so screwed.
And now that you've decided to leave
I don't wanna have anything to do with you.

So let me make this personal
I can't stop shaking in my sleep
You're stealing all of the covers
And killing all of the sheep
So I can't count them when I try to dream.
I need to be left alone.
Track Name: Joke
Well there’s a lot of nerve in being selfish
And there’s a lot at stake when you’re alone.
We talk about your darkest past
Knowing things might never last
You're choking on words that you can't spit out.
But the maker and the breaker are the same thing
And the path to overcome what’s left is clear...

It’s funny when the joke’s on you
It’s funny when you’re laughing too
But you’re quiet just sitting in your living room.
So if this is where we are now
I don't wanna let it be
Because people who I hate
Are still in love with me

Stand up with the people who have fallen
I heard they tend to be the only ones who last
All of those voices from the faces of the people you need most
They become these distant sounds
And memories from your past
Find a purpose better than your own now
And have a sense of pride wherever you go

It's funny when the joke's on you
It's funny when you're laughing too
But you're quiet just sitting in your living room.
So if this is where we are now
I don't wanna let it be
Because people who I hate are still in love with me
Track Name: Long Island
Maybe my problem is I'm eager
Enough to watch my skeletons walk by
Because I forgot to lock my closet
I'm caught up with yesterday's late night drive
Always had this stupid sick ambition
That pushes me further as I go
I'm dealing with the adolescent murmurs
From all the pretty people that I know


You wake me up and it's 4 in the morning
I'm sweating naked next to you.
I see the trap that you set for him
When I swore I wouldn't set mine for you.

I'd rather put a gun inside of my mouth
Then keep this conversation up with you
I know you told me that we had all year
But I think that I just had a breakthrough
It's not because I hate my own surroundings It's that I wanna better my own self
I wanna stay inside and keep away from them
Don't try to fix what you can't help.

So now I'll run away
I'm hoping for better days
Now I'll run.
You told me that we'd be okay
Oh my god I hope and pray
You told me that we'd be okay, okay?

You wake me up and it's four in the morning
I'm sweating naked next to you.
Track Name: Play King Park
I heard from an old friend
I’m one of many men
So I’ll go ahead and end this now.
I wish I could tell him
But he’s caught in your sin
And though I miss your skin
We can’t do this again.

But what do we have to lose?
I thought I needed to prove myself
I’d rather stay home.

Got wind of her ways
It’s just like the old days
I remember my shame
And who I caused that pain
Now it’s up to me
To let go and just breathe
Still cursed with apathy
Things change to a degree

You’re sick and you’re twisted
You’re stuck with conviction
Is anybody listening?

So what do we have to lose?
I thought I needed to prove myself....

But you're.....
You're a number not a name
You're the sting after the pain
You're the smell of summer rain
You're the thoughts inside my brain